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Services - In-House Manufacturing

At Eastman Manufacturing, we have been designing and building process equipment since 1992, and we do over 95% of our work in-house. When you decide to do the designing and engineering yourself, you have greater control over the quality of the finished product that you provide to your clients, allowing for better results and customer satisfaction. 
Why should you choose to have your plating lines or process equipment manufactured in-house by Eastman?
  • Changes. If you find suddenly that you’ve taken a wrong size dimension down for your custom industrial oven, and call us to change it, we won’t have to call a third party to push those changes through only to find it isn’t possible, or worse yet, finding out when we see the finished product that they took down incorrect information. The less people to go through, the quicker the response rate and change implementation.
  • Better price point. When we build a custom industrial oven ourselves, we don’t have to pay any additional costs to another manufacturer, which means you get your process tank at a better price.
  • Experience. We have been providing plating lines and other custom products for almost 25 years across North America. Our acquisitions and expansions over these years have provided us with experience from different businesses and creative industrial minds, so you know that you are getting the best equipment for your needs.


We can guarantee our quality workmanship as well as maintain our deadlines and delivery times, because we do it all in our shop. We do not have to pay to outsource our work, and when you call to request any changes, you know you are speaking directly to the ones who will make them. Whether it is a custom industrial oven, process tank, or plating line, Eastman Manufacturing will provide it to you proudly and on schedule.